À propos

At first, as the name suggests it, this was meant to be “yet another art“ blog. But as I visited exhibitions and cultural happenings, and after reading consciously some prose, I decided to go for something more personal.

Indeed, in the contemporary art field, the reading offer can be considered as varied and comprehensive . And yet, what compelled me to start this was the lack of passionate and personal voices. We are constantly taught the great value of objectivity; we are encouraged to focus on form and theory rather than on our emotions.

What compelled me to contemporary art was exactly the opposite: affect and empathy. Art has taught me politics, philosophy, and so much more… and what’s more, it doesn’t need to be objective as it’s always a political position and is always inherently intimate.

This space is intended to contest obsolete views on what art is and were it should go. Knowing  enough about the fabrics of this world, I do not intend to change people’s positions towards art but rather assert mine and share them with you. If you like what you read and would like to share your opinions with me, please consider writing me.