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At first as the name suggests it, this was meant to be “yet another art“ blog. Nevertheless as I visited exhibitions and cultural happenings, and after reading consciously some prose, I decided to go for something more personal.

Indeed the reading offer could be considered varied and comprehensive in the contemporary art field, there is no room left for another “high” valued medium, Frieze and the rest of the magazines out there are doing tremendous jobs. And yet, what compels me to initiate this is the lack of passionate and personal observation in their piercing articles. We are taught at university the great value of objectivity; we are encouraged to focus on the form and the theory rather than in our emotions.

But we got into this, knowing that we wouldn’t become millionaires, for this exact reason: the experience and the emotions that elated us to other heights.

This space is against the old spheres that forgot what it felt to lose the power of speech after discovering a painting or a sculpture, the overjoy running through our bodies after an electrifying dance performance or after discovering the work of a new artist that captivates us.

Knowing sufficiently enough about the fabrics of this world, I neither mean to change the ways of it, I merely expect to give it another breath in order to ease the pain. I hope that my words will reach someone out there, my sole objective is to rekindle the flame of art and to give hope to those who have lost their fate.